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In deep winter, when the trees are bare and most of wild life is in hibernation, it is the perfect time to go within and think of what seeds or new year’s resolutions, we want to saw and cultivate in 2014. Here is what I found inspired by the numbers of 2014:

2: I would like to plant 2 aromatic plants. Laurel (Laurus Nobilis) and Sage (Salvia officinalis). Both of them add great flavours to food. My great grandma also used fresh sage leaves to make concoctions to do gurgles to sooth the throat in winter months. I find their scent invigorating and they make me think of my great grand ma and my grandma too, which is very nice, giving me a sense of reassurance.

0: o synthetic hair dyes this year. After using semi permanent hair dyes for many years my poor scalp said Stop. So last month I have started experimenting with hennas blends and I m planning to do a post about it in the near future. Please feel free to suggest hennas brands you like and use.

1: Visit a spa once a month.  This is another ancient tradition that is still excellent for modern times. Romans appreciated the value of relaxing and detoxing the body as well as the mind with steam and warm water. I m lucky to live near the only hot spring in England, Bath Spa, and other nice spas. Easy!

4: this is about 4 ways to keep fit and to have fun. The first way for me is to re-establish my yoga practise routine, going for a gentle practise that stretches the body and relaxes the mind. The second one is to subscribe to the local gym to move the body in a different way. The third one is to walk in nature and the fourth one is to cultivate my oil colour painting hobby. It is incredible to work with colours based on linseed oil (Linum Usitatissimum) that have been used for a very long time.

I hope you found my new year’s resolutions inspiring. Would you like to share yours?