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natural preservatives

Cosmetic preservation with green chemistry, why and how

By May 25, 2021November 5th, 2022No Comments
cosmetic preservation with green chemistry

A few days ago I was pleased to give a talk on cosmetic preservation using green chemistry to NOHBA, the Natural and Organic Health Alliance in the US. NOHBA is an organization committed to educate about natural and organic beauty to create a more sustainable world.

It starts as a walk down memory lane, and how official preservatives gained the reputation they have today and how green chemistry multifunctional ingredients can come to the rescue. They can be used as a comprehensive preservative system or as a booster to reduce preservatives level of use while performing other functions at the same time. In order to ease the selection process of what blend could work for your formulation I wrote my virtual and interactive handbook which you can find on the green chemist’s school