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Articles on green cosmetics

The green chemist shares her passion and 20 years experience in green cosmetics development by writing articles on cosmetic formulation. Typical topics are:

-natural cosmetic ingredients reviews

-organic cosmetic certifications (Cosmos, Natrue…)

-sustainable beauty

-green cosmetic formulations

-cosmetic market trends.

The green chemist writes on her blog as well as International trade magazines such as:

  • Personal Care Magazine
  • Happi Magazine
  • SPC magazine
  • Specialchem4cosmetics
  • Teknoscienze
  • Global Cosmetic Industry
  • In Cosmetics connect, see an example about using green chemistry to future proof your cosmetic formulas and about the Formulation Summit
  • The Green Chemist’s Handbook on Cosmetic Preservation, interactive ebook

Click on the images below to read a few of my articles or contact her if you wish her to write an article for your publication