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debunking eight myths about natural cosmetic preservation
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November 9, 2022

Eight myths about natural cosmetic preservation

In my 20 years of cosmetic development and training in the cosmetic industry I have come across a few misconceptions about ingredients used in cosmetic preservation. In this article I will debunk eight myths about natural cosmetic preservation: Myth 1 Vitamin E is a preservative…
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BBC radio 4 podcast
November 3, 2022

Natural deodorants podcast

I had the great honour of being interviewed in a natural deodorants podcast by Greg Foot on Sliced Bread, Radio 4 . He was asked about the safety of antiperspirants and in particular Aluminium so he started investigating about it, getting in touch with a…
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Forest Wise sustainable ingredients
October 27, 2022

In Conversation with Forest Wise, walking the talk of sustainable ingredients

While looking for new natural and sustainable ingredients in Paris at In Cosmetics Global I bumped into Richard Eyles and Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn from Forestwise and started an interesting¬† conversation about sustainability and the ingredients they offer. So here is taste of our chat in Paris…
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cosmetic preservation with green chemistry
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May 25, 2021

Cosmetic preservation with green chemistry, why and how

A few days ago I was pleased to give a talk on cosmetic preservation using green chemistry to NOHBA, the Natural and Organic Health Alliance in the US. NOHBA is an organization committed to educate about natural and organic beauty to create a more sustainable…
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solid cosmetics
May 2, 2021

New Ways with Solid Bars

As plastic pollution is a growing concern, solid cosmetics make good sense. The most common format is solid bars, a.which re not only on the rise in hair care but also in many more cosmetic applications. What are the advantages and where are possible pitfalls…
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February 10, 2021

Sustainability at the time of COVID 19

The pandemic is affecting sustainability in cosmetics in a variety of ways, in different parts of the world, including disruption to the supply chains. Despite the disruption there are growing sustainability related trends in finished products and initiatives by retailers to help conscious consumers navigating…
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cosmetic preservation handbook
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January 20, 2021

The Handbook for Cosmetic Preservation is here

I'm very excited to announce that my new book, the 'Handbook for Cosmetic Preservation' is finally available. It is the result of over 20 years experience in the beauty industry working on alternative preservative systems for cosmetics. The handbook's aim is to help people in…
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natural ingredients mild
August 7, 2020

Are all natural ingredients mild?

Nature is full of wonders so it is spontaneous to think that natural ingredients are mild.¬† In reality only a small fraction of its plants are suitable for human consumption. In a society living far from nature, there is a real longing for naturals, often…
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clean beauty keywords
April 4, 2020

What does clean beauty mean?

Clean beauty has become such a buzz word today, yet there are many takes on how to go about it and what it is. Here is my view on the story and meaning of clean beauty. How clean beauty started - human evolution and free…
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November 27, 2019

Forty Shades of Green Cosmetics

Following the famous Irish song, we can close our eyes and picture a vast forest of cosmetic products on the market, a wooded landscape made up of many shades of green. Which one is the greenest? The answer depends on many factors such as the…
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