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Formulation Services

from The Green Chemist

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Cosmetic Formulation Services

Strategic cosmetic formulation development

Indie Beauty entrepreneurs often have a passion for natural, clean or organic beauty products but often they are not familiar with cosmetic development.  Sometimes they have spotted a niche or gap in the cosmetic market and simply think about development cost. At the green chemist we start with the concept and a clear brief before we start formulating. This is a very important process that can make a massive difference to brand authenticity and success.

Replacing controversial synthetic cosmetic ingredients

Existing beauty brands wishing to upgrade and reformulate their existing cosmetic formulas to meet consumers demands for more natural beauty products. For example cosmetic preservative replacement.

The Green Chemist Promise

We provide truly bespoke and innovative cosmetic formulation services, to translate your beauty concept into a green reality.

Type of products we specialise in



-antibacterial hand gels

-organic cosmetics

-bespoke herbal extracts (organic plant extracts, also made with biodynamic herbs)

-some colour cosmetics

-organic perfumes

To know more about product development costing

Step One - Beauty Brand Essence Extraction

This is the foundation of our cosmetic development process. It is where we look for the point/points of difference and clarify the essence- the story – of your natural product and explore the cosmetic claims of your brief. We look at feasibility in terms of natural and organic ingredients and clarify and estimate the costing, comparing it with your budget idea. If the vision is not feasible, either financially or naturally, we tell you.

For clients who are still at the stage of thinking about their vision and a possible brief, or who are still doing their market research, we can offer a basic costing service where we look the cost of development, packaging, manufacturing and raw materials, so you can tell from the start if your idea has wings.

Certification | At this stage it is also important to decide if organic certification is required and which certificating body would be most appropriate for your product and target market. This affects the development phase because the choice of cosmetic ingredients varies from standard to standard. There are two main natural/organic cosmetic certification bodies in Europe at the moment: Cosmos Standard and Natrue. A cosmetic ISO standard for naturals is under development, if you want to know more read my article.

Step Two - Design

Once your vision and brief has been defined and your  green ingredients policy clarified and your budget set,  we start the search for the cosmetic ingredients, both the “heroes” as well as “structural”, ingredients. A product rationale is produced and discussed with the client before moving to the phase of production of samples. We recommended that you choose your cosmetic product’s packaging at this stage, as it affects the cosmetic product development and formulation process (will the product be liquid enough to be used in a pump or firm enough to fill a pot style presentation).

Step Three - Cosmetic Development

This part of the process usually takes from five months upwards, depending on the product/products type, the size of the project and if the brief needs to be adjusted during development.  It may be possible to complete development in a shorter more intense time if circumstances require it.   We can also provide numerically larger sample sizes to allow you to evaluate more extensively with your target market.

Step Four - Approval

Once you are happy with the product, the sample is “signed off”.  We then start testing the formulation for stability, pack compatibility (the initial screening for this is done in house during development) and microbiological safety tests (using independent laboratories).

Step Five - Stability & PIF

Once all tests have passed we prepare the Product Information File (PIF) working in collaboration with a qualified, experienced and independent professionals to ensure compliance with  Cosmetics European Regulatory Requirements. We can also formulate using ingredients suitable for the US cosmetic market.

Step Six - Contract Manufacturer Matching

One of the key advantages of owning your cosmetic formula is the freedom to choose the best manufacturing partner for your situation, allowing you to grow your brand with flexibility and long term strategy.

We work with a range of different contract cosmetic manufacturers in the UK, US and Europe. We help you to identify the one that is most suitable for you in terms of manufacturing volumes and product expertise. We also assist in the transition from lab scale to industrial scale production.

Other Extras

  • Marketing support
  • Matchmaking: We find the best suppliers and partners for your project
  • Cosmetic Packaging, Patch testing and dermatological testing
  • Antioxidant testing
  • Clinical trials
  • Consumers testing

You can find our more about cosmetic product development and startup costs for cosmetic business.