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Welcome to The Green Chemist. As Cosmetic Formulation Specialists we help individuals and businesses from a wide variety of sectors within cosmetic, beauty and manufacturing industries. In addition, we regularly present workshops, appear for interviews and write for several publications. More information on our services can be viewed below.

Who We Help


We help a range of professionals, including dermatologists, aromatherapists hairdressers and plastic surgeons with formulation services, project management, concept and brand development.

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Beauty Brands

We help established beauty brands within the cosmetics sector with a variety of services including reformulation, sustainability strategy, green policy and ongoing technical support.

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Raw Material Suppliers

We can assist raw material suppliers to the cosmetics industry with material reviews, certification and training.

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We can assist startup cosmetic businesses with advice on ingredients, certifications, packaging and more.

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Additional Services


We regularly contribute articles to both online and print publications.

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We are available to speak at events and run a variety of workshops.

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Media & Journalism

We are available to offer expert interviews on a wide range of cosmetic related topics.

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Cosmetic Product Development
February 23, 2018

What is the difference between natural, synthetic, naturally derived in cosmetics?

We trust natural, and we find this word all over, however what was natural 100 years ago is different from what is natural now. 100 years ago our ancestors were doing their washing by hand using animal derived soap. There were very few cars and…
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In the news
February 12, 2018

Organic Healthier?

Recently I read an interesting article published on the British Journal of Nutrition. The article reported that organic produce has lower pesticide and higher antioxidant contents than non organic produce, opening a big debate about the value of organic. Is organic healthier? answering this question is…
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Cosmetic Product Development
February 12, 2018

What you need to know about suncare product development

Sun protection is very popular and in demand these days as women associate UV light with ageing and look for sun protection for their faces all year round. However when it comes to developing a beauty product that has a sun protection factor things get…
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Workshop Speaking

An engaging, informative and experienced speaker

Dr Barbara Olioso is an accomplished workshop and seminar speaker and trainer. She brings a wealth of experience to her speaking engagements which she carries out globally. If you would like Barbara to speak at your next event then please contact her for further details and availability.

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