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 The Green Chemist is a cosmetic chemist  expert in green cosmetic formulations.  We work with entrepreneurs and existing businesses from a wide variety of sectors within cosmetic, beauty and manufacturing industries. In addition, we regularly present workshops, appear for interviews and write for several publications. More information on technical services can be viewed below.

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Our Services

Technical Support

We offer technical support consultations on cosmetic formulation to help you formulate skincare and haircare with natural and organic cosmetic ingredients

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Clean Beauty Brand Development

Beauty brand development is a long journey that needs strategical and technical guidance. We help evaluating the possible routes to product development (DIY, bespoke or white label)

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Sustainable Beauty Manifesto

We help big and small beauty brands to unravel sustainability in order to come up with their own sustainability manifesto. There is no one way to go about it, just the one that reflects your values and priorities

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Cosmetic Formulations

We love working with natural cosmetic ingredients and innovative beauty concepts to help you going to market with a beauty product you are confident about.

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More Services


The Green Chemist regularly contributes to articles on consumers and trades magazines about cosmetic formulas, sustainable beauty and much more

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Events, Education & Training

We are available to speak at events and run a variety of workshops & conferences on sustainability

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Media & Journalism

We are available to offer expert interviews on a wide range of cosmetic related topics.

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The Green Chemist Blog

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natural preservatives
May 25, 2021

Cosmetic preservation with green chemistry, why and how

A few days ago I was pleased to give a talk on cosmetic preservation using green chemistry to NOHBA, the Natural and Organic Health Alliance in the US. NOHBA is an organization committed to educate about natural and organic beauty to create a more sustainable…
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May 2, 2021

New Ways with Solid Bars

Solid cosmetics, mostly in the form of bars, are not only on the rise in hair care. What are the advantages and where are possible pitfalls in development? Dr Barbara Olioso gives an insight into the background. Download and read the full article here. To…
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February 10, 2021

Sustainability at the time of COVID 19

The pandemic is affecting sustainability in cosmetics in a variety of ways, in different parts of the world, including disruption to the supply chains. Despite the disruption there are growing sustainability related trends in finished products and initiatives by retailers to help conscious consumers navigating…
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Workshop Speaking

An engaging, informative and experienced speaker

Dr Barbara Olioso is an accomplished workshop and seminar speaker and trainer. She brings a wealth of experience to her speaking engagements which she carries out globally. If you would like Barbara to speak at your next event then please contact her for further details and availability.

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