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Technical Support Consultations

with Dr. Barbara Olioso

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Technical Support Consultations

Our expertise at your service

Dr Barbara has 20 years experience as a formulator and technical advisor working with SMEs, start ups, medium size companies as well as bigger ones, premium and masstige, formulating all sorts of products:

  • Skincare
  • Body care
  • Some colour cosmetics (tinted lip balms) and hair styling

She has worked with prestigious brands such as Espa International and Windle and Moodie professional haircare.

How we can help

Either you develop formulations and produce in house or you use a contract manufacturer we can help with several technical challenges such as:

  • How can I preserve my formulas? They are going mouldy.
  • I want a super natural preservative, what do you think of x ingredient?
  • How can I make my formula stable?
  • Is this ingredient natural?
  • How can I convert volume into weight to ml into grams?
  • What actives are best used for my brand/products?
  • How can I get the contract manufacturer to make my formulas more natural, clean and organic?
How it works

The support is given via live sessions (one hour long) on Zoom, Skype, Whatsup or even FaceTime.

It consists of a month support via email and live sessions.  To register your interest and book your Technical Support Sessions click the button below.

The cost does not include testing but you can send me formulas or samples prior a session (after payment) and I can advise on the type of tests needed depending on the requirements.

Please note that once a session is scheduled in the calendar we need at least 48 hours notice for any change of date.

We can send you our standard NDA prior the sessions.

Please note that this kind of service requires some experience and lab equipment, or collaboration with a formulation chemist

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Dr. Barbara Olioso, MRSC

Managing Director, The Green Chemist Consultacy