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Living in England I come across so many women suffering of this beautifully named skin condition, that I thought it is time to enter the realm of rosacea and get to know it more, what it is, how it happens and what the rosacea treatments are.

The realm of Rosacea is populated by women with fair skin and light coloured eyes. They are more likely to have sensitive skin, being also more prone to sunburn and dryness, ending up with the characteristic rosy cheeks and chin.

A romantic poet in front of the rosy cheeks would write a beautiful poem.  I m a green scientist so I shall have a look at what is behind the red roses. To put in a poetic way, the red roses are on fire, the skin is hot as its cooling system is malfunctioning or not functioning at all. The blood vessels stay dilated when exposed to a warming or heat trigger. Common triggers are:



cold exposure,


temperature variations,


heat in general

Hot flushes.

Given this introduction there are four green tips you can consider:

1Avoid cosmetic ingredients that interfere with the natural skin cooling  system such as silicones (For example Dimethicone, Siloxanes and the like). Silicones create a liquid plastic film on the skin

2Reduce the triggers as much as possible

3Use natural and good quality vegetable oils to calm the skin, especially in winter. iRejuvenate Plus Elixir is a blend of top quality calming oils such as organic rosehip from Chile, organic Moroccan argan oil and Omega 3s from rapeseed oil.

4Go deeper. The skin is a messenger, if there is something wrong with the skin, it is a sign something else is out of balance somewhere else in the body. In fact rosacea is quite often associated with  problematic conditions of the digestive system such as reflux, gastritis and H Pylori. Rosacea could be simply the catalyst to pay more attention to your health and do something about it.

I hope you enjoyed this brief exploration in the realm of rosacea and that you can see it with new eyes to take care of it. If you have rosacea tips or stories you would like please feel free to contribute.