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Eight myths about natural cosmetic preservation

By November 9, 2022No Comments
debunking eight myths about natural cosmetic preservation

In my 20 years of cosmetic development and training in the cosmetic industry I have come across a few misconceptions about ingredients used in cosmetic preservation. In this article I will debunk eight myths about natural cosmetic preservation:

Myth 1 Vitamin E is a preservative

Myth 2 Ethylhexylglycerin is natural

Myth 3 A 100% natural product does not need a preservative

Myth 4 Hydrolats are selfpreserving

Myth 5 Products in airless bottles so not need a preservative system

Myth 6 Essential oils are natural and effective preservatives

Myth 7 Natural preservative systems do not last

Myth 8 A good preservative system is all you need to guarantee a safe product

You can download the full article about natural cosmetic preservation from Cossma magazine 11/23 issue here