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Nail varnish is very trendy at the moment, being on a budget and great fun. You can combine the nail varnish colour and style with your clothes or mood. When I use it makes me feel really playful. Nail design has also now become an experiential form of art with no equals.

Given the charm of this product many women have asked me if it is possible to have a natural nail varnish. Given the fact that nail varnish is a recent invention and that it requires the formation of a water proof film on the nail cuticle at the moment there is no natural nail varnish on the market available, yet.

The greenest nail varnish you can get is a water based one. This has the advantage of eliminating petrochemical solvents such as toluene and DBP (dibutylphthalate), therefore it is often marketed as non toxic. A step forward towards green but not quite there yet. In fact it is not completely natural, because it still uses synthetic ingredients to create the film on the nail cuticle and its performance does not quite compare to the main stream ones.

If you are a user of water based nail varnish please feel free to share your experience or have a look at an example of natural nail varnish check this one out