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I remember my grandma pinching my bottom as a child, enjoying the skin firmness of it as hers was long gone.. Maybe my grandma was a little eccentric, however she made me understand that firm skin is a gift that slips away quietly and steadily if we do not take care of it.

Luckily I live in a time where a lot of herbal extracts are readily available, so let’s have a look at what nature has to offer to improve skin elasticity: Aloe Vera.


Aloe vera is rich in highly moisturising amino acids. Hydration is a key factor in protecting skin elasticity because dry skin means attack from the elements and penetration into the deeper skin layers affecting the precious springs that keep the skin elastic.

Wound healing and calming

Aloe Vera is rich in Calcium, a key player in accelerating the wound healing process. In fact Aloe Vera is also great to treat sunburn sunburn.


The Aloe Vera moisturising amino acids  also supports the skin collagen and hyaluronic acid production. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are like the skin scaffolding and therefore the major contributors to skin firmness.


All of these amazing properties of Aloe Vera apply to quality extracts obtained from plant material treated with a process that respect and does not destroy the powerful and delicate properties of Aloe Vera. Cheap Aloe Vera will not have these properties, it will look like it but deep down it will not do the job. The best thing is to buy from reputable suppliers that guarantee its quality. For example the Aloe Vera used in Forest Secrets Skincare to improve skin elasticity is not only organic but also of high quality and activity, to support and stimulate skin firmness and elasticity.

If my grandma would pinch me today, I think she would still rave about my firm skin. Thank you grandma for putting me on the skin care path…