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Green cosmetics stories from a mad scientist or a scientist mad about cosmetics

November 11, 2013

Natural oils hair miracle workers

Natural oils come from seeds, the very beginning of plant life, full of potential and precious plant nutrients to support the plant growth when the right conditions arise. The same nutrients that support plants life can help revive damaged hair making natural oils hair miracle…
November 7, 2013

Parabens safe to use in cosmetics?

One of the questions I was asked at my workshop on natural and organic emulsions at In Cosmetics Asia was what I thought of parabens in cosmetics. This is a very controversial topic and the parabens free claim  is often mistaken as natural or even…
November 4, 2013

The meaning of natural cosmetics today

I had the pleasure last week of running the workshop at In Cosmetics Asia on natural and organic skincare. The event was fully booked well before the beginning and there were plenty of green enthusiasts as well as people interested to know more about naturals…