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The cold weather and the central heating are a real challenge in winter causing dry skin face, and dry skin is number one factor in accelerating the ageing of the skin. Luckily nature has the

answer: bio active plant oils.

What do they do? they act on the top skin layer making it much stronger, making your skin hydrated and plump. In fact your top skin layer is like a brick wall, if the mortar is not in good condition the wall crumbles loosing its protective function and speeding the ageing process. The skin wall is challenged in winter by the cold wind outdoor and dry air indoor, crying for extra care which Bio active plant oils can provide. In fact these dry skin face remedies have the ability to strengthen and replenish the “mortar” on the top skin layer, responsible for the water retention and therefore hydration.

What are they? Great dry skin face remedies are bio active plant oils such as organic argan oil from Morocco, organic rosehip oil from Chile. They have to be cold pressed to preserve their goodness which is heat sensitive, such as phytosterols and vitamins protecting the skin also from the attack of free radicals. Not all vegetable oils are bio-active for the face and you have to be careful to avoid the ones that have a high comedogenic score which can be problematic for acne prone skin.

Are they oily? Yes, however they are so good for the skin that I spent years working out the best combination of bio active plant oils that are great for the skin and are easily absorbed leaving the skin ready for the make with no greasy after feel. The result of this research is embodied in iRejuvenate Plus Elixir, packed with fourteen different bio active plant oils that are the best dry skin face remedies I found. This  is also excellent for the eye area and suitable for sensitive skin and even combination skin.

How to use them? 

Quite simply under the moisturiser or even instead of the moisturiser at night. You can use the pipette to measure the amount of drops, you will be surprised to see how your skin respond, the dryer the skin the more bio active oil it will “drink”. Some women like to add a couple of drops to their day moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated all day.

I would love to hear your thoughts, experience or impressions about face oils.