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cosmetic preservation handbook

I’m very excited to announce that my new book, the ‘Handbook for Cosmetic Preservation’ is finally available. It is the result of over 20 years experience in the beauty industry working on alternative preservative systems for cosmetics. The handbook’s aim is to help people in the industry to go on the journey of sustainable beauty starting with cosmetic preservation and to show there are lots of alternatives out there.

Who is it for?

-Cosmetic formulators

-Indie beauty brands

-Beauty retailers

-Raw materials suppliers

What is in the handbook for cosmetic preservation?

The handbook comprises of 9 sections over 250 pages

An introduction: what are multi-functionals, how to work with them, what is the CPSR..

What is natural in the 21st century, from the traditional concept to more advanced ones, including green chemistry

Microbiology and cosmetics: why it is important, the testing protocols used in the cosmetic industry, what affects a preservative system

How to use this book, the key areas you need to think about in the initial selection process, including how to use the charts available

Regs Charts listing 164 raw materials with Cosmos status, NOI index and Regulatory status, to help the selection according to the natural content

pH Charts listing 164 raw materials according to the pH range to help the selection according to the effective pH range

Temperature charts listing 164 raw materials to help the selection according to the manufacturing process

Summary charts listing 164 raw materials, listing all key parameters, including INCI listing all in one chart, for a general snapshot overview

Raw materials  ingredients from 47 suppliers section, one page for each raw material, giving a brief description, full INCI listing, CAS number if available, chemical and physical characteristics, type of antimicrobial properties

The handbook for cosmetic preservation is only accessible online via an interactive platform