Cosmetic market trends

By | Formulations, Trends

Many people within the cosmetic industry asks the question “what is next?” or “what is trendy?” Let’s have a look at a cosmetic market trends in relation to a few beauty products Face moisturisers In the UK this is a classic skin care item many women can…

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Is alcohol bad for your skin?

By | Ingredients

How bad alcohol is for the skin? Or is it not? The inspiration came after reading some popular website portraying a very simple black and white picture, right and wrong about alcohol. I thought, actually there are colours and shades in the picture. So I…

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Cosmetics reverse formulation

By | Trends

After receiving so many queries about cosmetics reverse formulation I decided it is time to write about it. Some people approached me to talk about how to research the formulation of a cosmetic product they really like to use it as a starting platform for…

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