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Sustainable Beauty  Reviews

Consumers expect action

Sustainability is in great demand globally, the big green trend affecting a multitude of sectors. Consumers are concerned about pollution and its long term effects on the environment and expect action. As yet there is not an official definition for cosmetics and there are many parameters to consider. Which aspects apply to cosmetics and to your business? What can you do as a business to support the environment and minimize the impact of your cosmetic products?

Helping beauty brands to decode and embrace sustainability

Sustainability is complex and evolving fast. Big beauty brands invest considerably in various expensive tools based on metrics, measuring CO2 emissions, water consumption and so on. We believe and use a more qualitative and comprehensive approach that works for your beauty brand and has real environmental or social benefits that you can tell your clients. There is not one way to go about it, the key ingredient is to be ready for change, either small or big

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