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A pioneer in green cosmetics

Multi qualified scientist

Dr Barbara Olioso is a green chemist – she is a Doctor in Chemistry from the University of Venice, Italy and went on to further post graduate training and research in both cosmetic and food science. She matches scientific rigour with a long standing fascination for traditions of herbalist and uses of natural chemicals. She is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Cosmetic Scientists

20 years in the cosmetic industry promoting the green concept

Barbara has 20 years experience in developing natural and organic cosmetics (worked on the first organic Eau De Toilette back in 2005 at Primavera Aromatherapy), working as a cosmetic formulator in cosmetic laboratories, developing International premium spa products and other green beauty products including professional haircare. She is also an experienced education, teaching, running workshops on how to develop natural and organic cosmetics, and one to one mentoring – helping clients and students through her unusual skill set; combining cosmetic science, chemistry, research and experience with natural botanicals, bespoke plant extracts, to strategy, project management, marketing and general good business sense.

Brands she worked for are Espa International and Windle & Moodie professional haircare, plus many more…

Writing for professional magazines and moderating International events on sustainability

She writes for industry magazines (GCI, SPC, Teknoscienze, Personal Care Magazine..)  and gives talks on cosmetics green certifications and sustainability. She is the moderator at the sustainability corner at In Cosmetics Global, a fantastic space for innovation, inspiration and conversation about sustainability in cosmetics.

She is based in Somerset, UK and travels around the world for International events and clients.

Dr. Barbara Olioso, MRSC

Managing Director, The Green Chemist Consultancy

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Barbara is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry MRSC and the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.