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Courses and Seminars

Natural and organic cosmetics are a growing niche that require specialist skills in the cosmetic formulation process. We teach courses and workshops, sharing our expertise about how to formulate natural cosmetics, including natural alternatives to parabens.

You can access our courses on line on the Specialchem platform:

How to formulate according to the Cosmos certification

Natural alternatives to cosmetic preservatives

We do this at International exhibitions, through online lectures and tutorials for the cosmetic industry and individuals and in one to one teaching and tutoring.

Our next event is in Amsterdam running the sustainability corner at In Cosmetics Global

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Technical Coaching

If you like being hands on and enjoy making your own natural or organic cosmetics, we can help you overcoming many challenges such as:

Strategic Thinking
Is your idea feasible? How much does it cost?

Stability Issues
Is your beauty product stable and suitable for sale?

Who is going to make your products?

Natural Preservation
How are you going to protect your formulation?

Hygiene Procedures
Are you following good hygiene practices for making cosmetics?

Manufacturing Practices
Are appropriate cosmetic manufacturing procedures being followed?

Are you able to arrange suitable testing for your cosmetic products?

Regulatory Compliance
Do your formulations meet current regulatory guidelines and compliance?